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What is a Christening? Well first, it’s what the Church usually calls a Baptism, they’re the same thing. It is a response to God’s love. It’s also a time to come together with family and friends, to remember we are loved by God and that we are part of the wider community of God’s people.

Anyone can get in touch with a church to find out about having their child christened or being baptised themselves. During a christening the child or adult will be baptized with water. The parents and Godparents make some important promises for a child. Adults make these promises for themselves. Everyone present promises to support them from that moment onwards.


The child or adult receives the sign of the cross, usually with anointed oil. Water that is blessed will be poured on their head. This is the moment of Baptism. It is a sign of a new beginning and becoming a part of the Church family.  It’s all about making a commitment to journey in faith, with the love and support of friends, family and the Church community. To find out more, contact our Parish office on 01329 232688.

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