Holy Trinity with St Columba, Fareham


Accessibility Header

As a member of the Inclusive Church Network, our parish strives to be accessible and welcoming to all. We are however aware of shortcomings which we continue to try to address. We would welcome feedback to help us in our endeavours. Thank you. 

Holy Trinity Church

Church Entrance

There is one direct pedestrian entrance into the church.  This double-width front door faces north, opening onto West Street. For those needing wheelchair access, please use the double doors at the rear of church (accessed via a footpath leading around tower). 

Parish Centre Entrance

In the small car park situated to the side of the Church is a slope, this allows easy access for all.  


The double doors at the rear of the Church are those in the above picture. 

Linkway access to Church

Directly inside these doors, there is an internal slope leading into the Church

Panoramic view of Holy Trinity Church

Chapel Area


Most seating in the Church is fixed pews so wheelchair and pushchair are limited for space, however there is plenty of room at the back of the Church with tables and chairs.


The Chapel area (pictured right) with prayer cross to the east end of the church is not accessible to wheelchair users. There are however more prayer candles towards the front of the main body of the church, without incurring steps.

    • Large-print orders of service, song sheets and weekly news sheets are available.
    • There is a sound amplification system with hearing loop.
    • Hearing and Blind Assistance dogs are welcome.

The Parish Hall

Parish Link Way Entrance

The Parish Centre is accessed from West Street via side road, to small carpark to west side of Holy Trinity church. There are no steps to the double entrance doors.

Parish Hall Corridor

A second set of internal double doors lead to male & female toilets and an equal access toilet with nappy-changing facility.

Parish Hall Doors

The main hall has double-width access doors, the Lounge a single door. Both halls have smooth carpet and no steps.

    • There is a sound system in the main hall, allowing for a loop system to be used.
    • There is no sound system in the lounge.
    • Visitors to our parish facilities with assistance dogs are very welcome.

St Columba Church

St Columba Outside

St Columba church can be approached from the public pavement along a flat paved path, using the east-facing door. There are no steps.

St Columba car park

The west-facing door is accessed from the public pavement down a tarmac path, or from the adjacent church car park. There are no steps.

St Columba Church

Inside the church there is a single level hard floor, apart from carpeted central aisle.

Panoramic view of St Columba Church

    • There is a sound amplification system with hearing loop. 
    • Service and song words are usually shown on a single screen at the front of the church but large-print paper versions are available.
    • Seating is flexible, allowing for full choice of position for wheelchair users.
    • Hearing and Blind Assistance dogs are welcome.

St Columba Church Hall

Outside St Columba Hall

St Columba Hall and Kitchen Hatch

Inside St Columba Hall

The hall is accessed through double doors, from the car park area, close to the church west-facing door.  There are no steps. Inside there are smooth carpet tiles on the floor.

There are two toilet cubicles but no equal-access toilet. There’s no sound system in the hall and the kitchen is not accessible by wheelchair users.