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Parish History

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Founding of the Parish

Old Maps Showing Holy Trinity, Fareham

Parish map of Fareham in 1832

Parish map of Fareham in 1832

It clearly shows the main part of the town was still around the High Street. There was some development along West Street and up what would become Trinity Street. The building of Holy Trinity church was not started for another two years.

Map of 1856

Parish map of Fareham in 1856

This map is from 1856 and shows the town expanding eastwards.

Map of 1850

This map is from 1850 and shows the layout of Holy Trinity as it was originally built. Note there is no vestry on the north east corner, nor an extended chancel which were both added as part of the major alterations and restoration which were completed in 1911.

Plan From 1951

This plan from 1951 shows the church hall to the west of the church (built in 1932 and called Church House), which was superseded firstly by one located to the south western corner (built in 1962) and then most recently by the one built in 1985, which is still in use today.